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Gallery is open by appointment, seasonally. Pottery Central offers a full range gallery with work by local potters. This is a hidden treasure worth seeing. Be sure to check out the online gallery while you're here.

Words about studio expectations

The studio requires team effort and is a benefit to all who seek sanctity here. Please clean up after yourself and be considerate of others! When new people start, a common question concerns kiln space. How much work is too much work? Obviously, the more kiln space you use, the more expense on the studio. Wear and tear on the kiln, kiln furniture, the use of costly electricity, glaze, slips, under glazes, and the time, expertise, and energy involved in firing and mixing glazes constitutes a substantial portion of the time and money it takes to run the studio. In researching possible solutions to this issue, I found that the effort involved with measuring work and keeping a log to be a lot to implement and maintain for the need of only a few people who produce an excessive amount of work. If you produce work as a business, or as a “production potter”, or if you are producing work at home, please consider buying your own kiln. Otherwise, arrange with the studio to fire your work by the kiln load for the appropriate fee. Pottery Central is a school, not a production facility. Creativity and quality is emphasized over repetitious volume. As opposed to implementing a cubic inch system, an honor system, and a clear understanding of the allotted kiln space will resolve this issue. So, with that being said, a 4 week session cone 5-6 kiln space allotment, would equal 1400 cubic inches or Height x Width x Depth in inches (IE: 11.5” X 11.5” X 11.5” is equal to 1520.875” cubic inches). Past 1400 cubic inches, studio members should anticipate further kiln cost at five cents a cubic inch (IE: 10”X 10”X10” is 1000 X .02). I want to let you know that I appreciate your support and care about your artistic vision. I want to create the best, most fun and fair studio in the world. Clear understanding and communication can achieve this. Yes, I do aim high, but North Carolina is the capital of pottery and if we can't do it - who can? Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thanks! Andrew Linton - Pottery Central.

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